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    [Animate CC 2018] - Custom HTML components disappeared, how?


      After the update to CC 2018 my custom HTML5 components are gone. So I checked the %APPDATA% folder and saw that there is a new folder created which is "Animate CC 2018" instead of 2017. So I copied my components from the 2017 folder to the 2018 folder. (Folder locations based on: https://helpx.adobe.com/animate/using/custom-html5-component-development.html )


      - Old location: AppData\Local\Adobe\Animate CC 2017\en_US\Configuration\HTML5Components

      - New location: AppData\Local\Adobe\Animate CC 2018\en_US\Configuration\HTML5Components


      After reboot Animate still doesn't load the components.


      @Adobe: Would it be possible to select the path/folder of the HTML components in the "Preferences" of AnimateCC???


      What am I doing wrong. Help would be greatly appreciated.