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    How do I load more than one action/effect at a time PSE 18 on PC windows 10


      I have 3000 actions I'd been using with PSE 7.  I just upgraded to PSE 18 and it's only letting me add one action or effect at a time (can't hit shift to select more than 1 to load). 


      I tried doing the "behind the scenes" way that I used to do in PSE 7 where I'd go into program data, photo creations, effects,  load the effects and then delete the media database & rebuild... but this doesn't seem to work with 18.   I still can't get my actions or effects to show (note, I'd rather see my "old school" effects and thumbnails vs the action pallet).


      HELP.   I'm about to go back and reinstall PSE 7 and scrap 18.