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    export as video... why only 1 option

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      RE: Animate CC 2017


      On a PC, I go to export as a video. I am not seeing multiple options such as AVI or what have you... it automatically just shows a path where to save the file and the file winds up a .mov.

      I then went to import into media bin in Camtasia. The goal here... to export as a universal file type that can be uploaded on social media, posted on a website, etc (as an mp4).


      I get a codec error message, and my .mov won't import into Camtasia.


      Can you please advise on how I can bring in a 'Flash/Animate file converted to a movie' into Camtasia successfully?

      Lastly, what successful method are you using when in Flash to have it export or convert to a movie that has universal playback (again, so can post on Social, YouTube, or a website) ?


      I look forward to your suggestions! Thank you.

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          Colin Holgate MVP & Adobe Community Professional

          Do you have QuickTime installed? That's used to create the MOV, and you have an option to send it to Adobe Media Encoder. In there you can choose a high quality H.264 preset, and it will make a file that can go to YouTube, etc. The CC 2018 version of media encoder has a Social Media folder of presets to choose from.


          That same social media exported MP4 should work in Camtasia ok. Also, once you have QuickTime installed Camtasia may well read the MOV too.

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            r_tist Level 1

            Well, well... just discovered the Adobe Media Encoder.
            Solves all problems!

            Good instruction here: Convert a Video File to a Different Format using Adobe Media Encoder | EVSC ICATS


            H.264 – MPEG-4 Video (MP4)

            H.264 is currently the most common video format used for recording and distribution of video on the Internet. Video websites such as YouTube and Vimeo use this format along with a host of other websites. H.264(MP4) videos play nicely on computers, tablets, and most hand-held devices without the need to install additional applications or plugins.