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    Building a new Monster


      Hello everyone.

          I couldn't find really a better spot to put this in, and since I use alot of the products Adobe has to offer, After Effects, Photoshop, Lightroom, Premiere, and Illustrator.... I wasn't sure where to stick this question. I'm in the process of gearing up to build another machine for the studio. I know there's been alot of discussion as to what matters most, (i.e: Threads, versus Cores, Processing Power) and such .... what are some of the most optimal and best performing options are there as far as CPU's are concerned. I'm preferable to Intel, and I'll be carrying over a Nvidia 1080 8GB GPU as well as a M.2 PCI SSD card since they are relatively recent purchases and still noteworthy performance. I've been trying to justify the new i9 cpu series, but at the double the cost of the line of CPU's beneath it is hard. With any recommendations of CPU's... if you have any suggestions of motherboards I would love to hear them. Thank you so much in advance cuz I've been bashing my head around and reading so many reviews my head is spinning.