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    Issues with website width/height


      Hi everyone, I would be very grateful if someone would be so kind to answer my questions and give me a better understanding about how Muse works.


      My number one issue with Muse is the size of a page, what the right width and height is. It confuses me so damn much and there seem to be no guides or tutorials that even touch upon this issue. First things first, this is important to me because I just wanted to make a page of which the width is 100% and height are 100% of the viewers screen.


      1. I have a laptop whose resolution is 1366x768 pixels and a desktop whose resolution is 1920x1080 pixels, and so when I first started using Muse I just used the resolution of the desktop for my website, with a series of smaller breakpoints. While it looked fine on my desktop, I had scrollbars for both the width and height for my laptop. So I decided to look for tutorials or guides that explained what a good width/fixed width for different browser sizes is, and how exactly the scaling on Muse works but was unable to find anything. I saw however on other tutorials that users set their fixed page widths to dimensions like 1080, 960, 800 pixels, etc. and so I just copied them and set the min. width to 960 and the max. width of my website to 1080 pixels. This seems to work fine on both the laptop and desktop, as I think the page is scaling itself up to fit my browser, yet nowhere does it say exactly what is going on here. Why do both fit perfectly on my monitors? Can someone explain what is happening here?


      2. Content with this new width, I set the height of my website to 760 pixels, as it was another figure other users in tutorials seemed to use. This also worked fine, as it again seemed to scale to fit my screen ("it will grow to accommodate content added to the page" is what it says if you hover over height on the properties page). But then when I tried to add content to the page, say a square from the bottom of the header to the top of the footer, it only went to 760 pixels, while the rest of the content (the background and footer) went fullscreen, which was obviously bigger (don't know big exactly, just that it was scaled to automatically). How do I fix this issue? I suppose I could just make the height higher and then the square as well, but then it might be too long for certain browsers and require scrolling. 






      3. Is there a simple way to make a page full screen without resorting to importing CSS in Muse? The only thing that comes up when you try and look it up is how to get a full screen background image, which I did to see if it helped any but it made no real difference to the actual content of my page, just to the background



      Apologies for the long post, it might seem like I'm obliviously ignorant but this is actually the only thing about Muse that perplexes me as there simply seems to be no written information about this anywhere, as everybody thought it was so straightforward. But surely I can't be the only person who has had questions about this. Thanks in advance for answering!