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    Reinstalling Lr CC after hardware issue and HDD reformat

    mgsylvestre Level 1

      I had my Mac repaired. In the process of troubleshooting the issues which I had, I reformatted my HDD (everything is backed up etc. no worries).


      I keep a local copy of all my pictures. They already are in a separate directory in an external HDD array which did not get reformatted.


      I will reinstall LrCC on my computer HDD tonight.


      Can I just reconnect my external HDD (and change the directory in preference to point to the correct directory on the external  HDD)? Are the online copies going to reconnect with the local copies? Am i going to end up duplicating every picture files?


      I would rather know in advance than do this by trial and error. I have a lot of files...


      Thank you.