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    How to have a responsive gallery (Lightbox slideshow)?

    juan pablom34067592



      I am building a site where I need a gallery with a lot of images and I need it to bee seen as big as it can be display in the devices of the user but I am having a lot of problems doing that. I place a slideshow Lightbox on to a blank composition (so I can place different galleries) and add the pictures but the problem is that if I select the hero image to be responsive width and height, te hero image actually displays very small, a solution is to make the hero container to stretch to browser width but what happens then is that the thumbnail container looses its responsiveness, and it gets pin locked to the left so I can't even center the thumbnail container with a lot of space in the sides because it doesn't stays in the middle.


      How can I make a responsive gallery that applies to the thumbnails an to the hero and that displays as big as possible in all mobile devices?