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    Anyone know where to find an Action Script 3.0 tutor?

      I am looking for someone who can help me learn Action Script 3.0.

      My goal is to enhance my skills in Action Script 3.0. My current profession is in health care and I am in the process of becoming a registered nurse. I am not looking to change professions. I simply want to become proficient in Action Script 3.0 so that I can use it to build educational nursing related websites in the future.

      The lessons can be done over the phone, so you don't have to live in here Sarasota.

      I am currently looking to start off by have a thirty minute lesson once a week and eventually having more training in the future.

      The following is an example of how I would like to do this : I can write a small program (no more than 20 lines of code), or try to write it, then email it to you, and then we can discuss it over the phone. If you set up the lesson on your own time and it takes you ten minutes to set it up, then we will have 20 minutes if needed to go over it. Regardless of how much time it takes, I will never take up more than 30 minutes of your time without paying for it, and if I don't need the full thirty minutes, you will still be paid for the full thirty minutes. I also promise not wander off the topic and bog you down with a million programming questions. I am very flexible in how we do this. If you are experienced in Action Script 3.0 and interested in working with me..