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    Batch process error Artboards to PDF


      Hello, I am using Photoshop CC 2018 on a Windows 10 where I have two issues that I am running into:


      1) I have a 2 artboard template that I am using to create a ton of 2 page PDF documents. To save me some time I created an action (called WDM sheet PSD to 2pg PDF) that works great if I hit play per file. I'll have over 300 to process soon so what I am doing to save more time is use File>Automate>Batch :

      Photoshop Batch screen.JPG

      The process works until the action uses the Artboards to PDF export. It creates the two separate files then throws this error:

      Photoshop Batch Artboard to PDF error.JPG

      As far as I can see using the batch process or not, the temp files never show up in the TempPSDs folder.



      2) The other problem I am having with the Artboard to PDF (by itself, no batch) is that it cannot remember the last folder location that was used, so I have to select the correct folder each time to continue the process.