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    PDF page sorting script



      I have a pdf that i need to sort the pages by some of the information on the page.

      The pages are yodel type labels with a sku on them that I need to sort by the sku.

      There are upto 1000 pages per PDF so has to be quite fast.


      Anyone have any scripts and instructions on how to use them as i have read that this is what I need.



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          try67 MVP & Adobe Community Professional

          There's no cookie-cutter way of doing it. The script has to be tailor-written to match your situation.

          The basic concept is to scan each page looking for the code, save it into an array, then sort that array and sort the pages based on the array's new order.
          I have done this many times for my clients so if you're interested in sending me some sample pages I could let you know if I think it's doable or not, and if so how much it will cost. You can contact me privately at try6767 at gmail.com.

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            marks29198844 Level 1

            Hi I will send you a email