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    Ipad pro Photoshop


      Hello there!

      Have an Ipad Pro since 2016 and loved drawing apps. But im feeling strange. Something still missing. That something that i can do only with PS on desktop.

      I dont want to say the same thing "Please do Photoshop APP for Ios Ipad Pro", but what i would like to say is Why Adobe still refuse to doing ,it?

      We are in 2017, Clip Studio paint jas been released just now on the Ipad and its sublime! Someone will say that 9€ month is too much, or that the app is not working so well, but for me, its sublime!

      They have put effort and they have done it!

      Why a big Company lile Adobe still thinking about this?

      You will destroy the entire Market with the app and make all Ipad Pro owners finally happy to draw on this amazing device with an amazing app!

      Is there something wrong with Apple??

      This could mean finally Professional finished product on mobile devices!

      Think about this adobe.