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    Link to a flash file

      I am developing a Director movie for my class. How can I let the user click a link and another flash file opens? Thanks in advance.

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          What do you mean about opening a flash file? Do you want the .fla file
          to open in flash? Or is it a swf that you imported into Director? Or
          is it an exe that was published from flash? Or a website that was
          created with Flash?

          If you are opening a .exe and you know the path to it, then you can use
          Director's built-in open command

          open the moviePath&"flashFile.exe"

          for most other things, I would use BuddyAPI. To open an exe,
          baRunProgram(). To open a fla or swf, baOpenFile.

          To make Director open a swf on the stage, import it and simply tell the
          button to go to that frame.