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    Photoshop Action Saves Same File Name over and over


      I've never understood the "save as" conundrum with Photoshop actions, but have created many actions which somehow I've gotten to save with overriding the file name so that each file is saved separately, using the "File Naming" in the Batch menu. I now have an action where, no matter what I do, it keeps saving each file with an identical file name, overwriting again and again. "Save as" as a step is not an option, since the action records as "Save". What is the magic key to getting Photoshop to follow its own Batch instruction?

      I've attached two screen shots: one shows the steps in the action; the other shows the steps in the Batch.

      I've tried this without having "open" as part of the action, but since I'm opening PDFs, it the action then won't go beyond opening the PDF--it doesn't know what to do with that format apparently. I would add "import PDF as a distinct step but there is no menu item for that. Please help.