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    Merge to HDR, Photomerge, Smart Sharpen - interface bugs?

    AntonioKosir Level 1

      I was wondering, has anyone here experienced the interface bug in the following Photoshop plugins, while using Photoshop CC 2017 / 2018 on Windows:


      Merge to HDR / Photomerge

      When you click the drop-down list to select between Files or Folders, the entire Merge to HDR / Photomerge interface disappears. Only the drop-down list is visible, hovering above the main Photoshop interface.


      Smart Sharpen

      When you click the Shadows / Highlights option to expand the plugin interface and show more options, and then click it again to shrink the interface to its original size, the expanded interface remains on the screen until you close and re-open the plugin.


      Note that these bugs were not present in the Photoshop CS6. I'm fully updated on Windows 7 64-bit. GPU is Radeon HD 7750 with latest drivers.