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    Face Tile Format


      I am like BRAND NEW to Light Room and photography all together.  I am shooting on a Canon T6i.  I imported about 200 photos into Light Room that I took from iPhoto.  A lot of the images were cropped and zoomed in on people’s Faces.  When I looked at the info tab, it did not recognize the camera and had it listed as a “Facetile” format.


      Can anyone tell me why they imported that way?

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          Jao vdL Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          You imported the little tiles that iPhoto/Photos uses to quickly show you zoomed in faces instead of the originals. The originals are stored somewhere inside the Photos Library.photoslibrary package in your pictures folder. You can find them by right (or control) clicking on it and doing a "show package contents". In there you will find a Masters or Originals folder that contains the actual images.