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    Photoshop CC 2018 hangs on startup because of crash report dialog

    JLobert Level 1

      I can't start Photoshop (CC 2018, latest version), the window comes up and then I get a dialog box that tells me that PS had crashed and generated a crash report. The dialog is garbled and shows me two overlapping "Don't send" buttons and two "send crash report" buttons, but is unresponsive, none of the buttons work, I can't close the window or dialog box and it hangs there (I waited for 10 minutes), the only thing I can do is kill it through task manager. Windows 7, latest version.


      I tried starting PS up with SHFT to prevent loading add-ons, same result. Tried starting up multiple times, same result.


      Every second time I start up, there also is another dialog window behind the crash report dialog, it looks like the sign-in window, strictly only every 2nd time.


      Is there a folder location where crash reports are stored or any way to reset/purge that queue manually?


      Thanks for any suggestions. - Jurgen