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    PS files "flashing" open and then immediately closing, other weird things too... What's going on?

    RealAnise Level 1

      Hey all,

      So PS JUST started this really strange behavior I've never seen before. No matter which file I try to open, a screen "flashes' open for a fraction of a second and then immediately goes back to the start page with icons of the most recently opened files. The program itself does not close down but keeps running. The behavior is the same no matter which kind of file it is (psd, png, jpg, etc), no matter what the size is, no matter where on the computer it's located, etc etc etc. Trying to create a new document brings up the dialogue box, but the new file won't appear-- clicking "create" does nothing. Bridge works, but a file clicked on through Bridge does not open. This literally started about ten minutes ago.


      Nothing on the computer was changed, nothing about my Adobe account was changed, etc. Other Adobe programs are running exactly the same way they did before and not acting strange. (ETA: Actually, AI is fine but AE is acting weird too... new projects can be created, old projects can be opened, and files can be imported, but they can't be put into a composition if they weren't already there. WEIRD.) I am hoping that maybe this is a simple fix and everything won't need to be uninstalled and reinstalled and so on and on, or God only knows what, so I would rather ask about it first! All advice appreciated.