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    Path to standard.js file

    RoboColum(n) Level 5
      I am fairly new to Captivate and have generated three tutorials that I am adding to a RoboHelp project. All was well with the tutorials that all ran from Captivate but only one ran from inside RoboHelp. I discovered the problem was not with RoboHelp but the path to the standard.js file in the HTM file generated in the Captivate published output. Once I had amended the path to the file, all was OK.

      My question is though, what does Captivate use to produce the path to the standard.js file. All my Captivate projects were in separate folders at the same level yet the path to the javascript file varied widely. I know what to look out for in future but am just curious
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          Heya Colum

          The Standard.js simply needs to exist in the same folder as your other Captivate content. You might wish to simply place all your Captivates inside a single folder in RoboHelp so things will work. Also, be careful about using spaces in the Captivate file names, as RoboHelp likes to add underscores and that can wreak havoc with your Captivate trying to play in RoboHelp.

          Cheers... Rick
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            Thanks Rick. It was just my neat mind (read obsessiveness) that made me put each movie is a different folder. I'll follow your approach as with such a small number of movies it doesn't matter.