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    PHP open source xmlServer for Flex

      As an avid developer in Flex, I found it tedious to have to manually type out the XML results based on my PHP query statement. ugh!

      This is VERY time consuming especially when you are building LARGE scale sites that could use upwards of 100+ php files for the application.

      So I wrote a PHP class file that will automatically generate the returned XML results based on the query statment, all nicely formatted that gets returned back to Flex, or any application that uses XML.

      1 PHP file with as little as 5 lines of code to get the XML results of your query! You can basically copy, paste the file & modify the query statement to use for a different unique query.

      If anyone is interested in beta testing this puppy and providing feedback, please email me, sonnybarrett@gmail.com. I would like to get this released out to the public asap. I'm sure others have been
      in the same situation as myself, needing to speed up development time.