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    Can't get GPU to be recognized - crash

    Colonel Blip Level 1

      I just purchased an HP Spectre 360X 2 in 1, 8th gen i7, 16gb ram and all of the latest drivers. HP has apparently done me know favor by having to graphics devices in this machine, one an Intel and the other nVidia.


      Generic PnP Monitor (3840x2160@64Hz)

      Intel UHD Graphics 620 (HP)

      2047MB NVIDIA GeForce MX150 (HP) 47 °C

      ForceWare version: 388.43

      SLI Disabled


      Here are the detailed specs:


      Intel UHD Graphics 620

      Manufacturer Intel

      Model UHD Graphics 620

      Device ID 8086-5917

      Revision 8

      Subvendor HP (103C)

      Current Performance Level Level 0

      Driver version

      Count of performance levels : 1

      Level 1 - "Perf Level 0"

      NVIDIA GeForce MX150

      Manufacturer NVIDIA

      Model GeForce MX150

      Device ID 10DE-1D10

      Revision A2

      Subvendor HP (103C)

      Current Performance Level Level 0

      Bus Interface PCI Express x4

      Temperature 49 °C

      Driver version

      BIOS Version

      Physical Memory 2047 MB

      Virtual Memory 2048 MB


      Here is my problem.

      If I try to run with both devices enabled, PS crashes on attempting any operation, such as creating or opening a page. LR seem to be fine.


      If I disable the InteI card I do not have the GPU performance setting active in PS but LR recognizes the NVidia card and all is well with it.


      If I enable the Intel card and disable the NVidia card, LR runs but PS won't even open up to the create document screen.


      Both of these cards should work with the software as best I can tell - but it ain't so. Any ideas?

      I can't find a bug submission form other than call them or chat.