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    Problem setting up email sending

    les tuttons

      Hi Everyone,

      Thank you for taking the time to read my problem and, hopefully, solve it. I am new to Elements having just binned Picassa and need to figure out how to send photos via email. I have Outlook as my default email and elements as my default photo viewer.


      My set-up

      I am using windows 10, elements 11.0.0, on a desktop dell computer with 8gb of memory and 1tb of disk space

      The elements preferences> sharing is set to micro soft outlook.


      Here's what I do and what I get

      1. I highlight a photo to email

      2. I click on Share, email attachments, use the slider to set medium (it's a jpg file), I click on Next

      3. Message box saying "Elements organiser could not finish creating your email message. Please make sure that microsoft outlook is selected as the default email program in the windows internet control panel, and that all dialog boxes in outlook are closed. If this is the first time you are using microsoft outlook, please run the outlook application and complete it's set-up process before sending mail through elements organiser. Alternatively you can use adobe email service via the elements organiser preferences dialog."


      What haven't I done ?


      Can you help ?

      Many thanks