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    My Huion graphics pen is locked onto the background


      Hiya there, having trouble with my new Graphics tablet on photoshop!
      I have a MacBook Air OS X El Capitan, I'm using Huion GT-220 V2 (8192) graphics tablet.
      I'm have no idea why but my graphics pen is locked onto the background square on the left tool bar side, I can change it's colour but that's all it will allow me to do, won't change size, brush style or change to any other tool. If I use the mouse pad however that's completely fine, works like usual. But the pen just won't work properly, it did for the first two minutes then...stopped.


      I've tried resetting brushes,
      Resetting tools,

      Changing the preferences,
      uninstalling and reinstalling.


      Nothing seems to work! Very stressed, I hope someone can shed some light on this situation

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          terris86415680 Adobe Community Professional

          Hello Elizabeth,

          I would suggest contacting Huion technical support about this. The GT-220 is a very specialist product and you will be quite lucky to find someone here using one. A quick search of the Adobe forums shows just five mentions in the last 24 months, none of which relates to your problem. Of course I may be wrong , but one of the drawbacks of non Wacom Cintiq like tablets is troubleshooting them if they don't work out of the box. Huion I am told offer good support and it's possible errors with Photoshop may be in their database.