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    I don't know what this is called & how to do it.


      I'm new to scripting and I'm assuming what I am looking for involves scripting.


      I want to send out a PDF to the staff at work who wants to order a business card. The idea is when they fill the form with their details, a preview of the business card will display their information on the business card mockup.


      I created the form in InDesign using interactive. How do I get customer's information from the field to show up on the business card mockup?


      Hopefully, someone can lead me in the right direction. Thanks.



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          George_Johnson MVP & Adobe Community Professional

          If you give the fields the same field name, they will automatically have the same value. So in the preview section, you'd simply duplicate some of the fields. I'd suggest using a single field for the phone number, instead of three.


          For others, like in the Name/Credentials are, it looks like it would be best to use a single field that's set to allow rich text formatting, and then use a custom calculation script that combines the values for the Name and Credentials fields in a what that makes sense and with the required formatting (font, text size, color). This involves using spans, which is just a way of constructing formatted text for use in a form field. If you need more help, you'd need to provide more details.

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            combolx Level 1

            This is very helpful. I will try this and hope it works out. Thank you.