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    Help and suggestions needed on what apps to use...


      Hi everybody, I've been using adobe apps for a long time but haven't used all of them in the last years. I'm a teacher at the primary level and I need to create something interactive for my school project.


      I'll be using InDesign to create a how-to booklet about fishing lure building and one of it's section is about painting. Instead of using coloring pencils to make their design, 'd like to have the kids to use the computer to select colors (pre-defined one's) to color the spoons and blades. By clicking on a blade image or part of it, it would color it and maybe have the option of applying some scale patterns over them too. Once the design done, we'd have to be able to print it.


      Is there a way of doing it without having any Adobe app installed on the student's computer. The laptops in our school don't have any Adobe licenses, except mine.


      Thanks in advance.