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    aristotelisd67259155 Level 1

      I am unable to share a photo from Photoshop CC to Behance. The dialog box for preparing the photo for sharing never is starting.


      Can anybody help on this?

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          aristotelisd67259155 Level 1

          Any help on this question?

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            KShinabery212 Adobe Community Professional

            I never have uploaded directly to Behance from Photoshop. I just finish images and then save them.... then upload them to Behance. 


            I curate the Wacom Gallery on Behance.  So to me it is better to create your projects separately on Behance.


            Here are somethings that curators of the various galleries look for:

            1. The story behind your image.  How you created it and why.

            2. The process behind the piece. This can be done by sharing images, screen captures of application and/or videos.

            3. If a piece has  a lot of details, then close-ups can be helpful.


            Three artists I have also mentioned in my lectures for Adobe Generation Professional include: Peter Jaworoski, Alexis Marcou, Steve Simpson and Oscar Ramos.  By looking at the work of these people you can get ideas on how to set up amazing project pages on Behance.

            You might found the link to the following two videos interesting... remember to login to Adobe with your Adobe ID before clicking on the link.... Digital Me: Digital Portfolios, Assessment & Employability | Adobe Education Exchange

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              aristotelisd67259155 Level 1

              Thanks for the reply and the good advice on how to upload work in Behance. However, I would like to try the option of sharing a photo from within the Photoshop and why this option does not work. If anybody else can help is welcome.


              Once again thank you for your reply.