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    Select and Mask - is re-edit possible after clicking OK


      After working for some time in Select and mask and making sure that the edges of heair and face were correct I clicked on ok but the iamge I am left with is untidy where it was tidied before clicking ok. Is this normal and can I re-open the select and mask again any way to make further adjustments or do I have to start again or work using brush tools etc to tidy the image?

      Any assistance will be greatly appreciated/


      David Herd

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          davescm Adobe Community Professional

          It depends on what your output settings were when you clicked OK in Select and Mask.


          If your output was a Mask or a "New Layer with mask" and you did not check decontaminate colors (which destructively alters pixels)  - then just double click the mask* to re-enter the select and mask workspace and modify the mask.


          If the output was a selection - then just click on Select and Mask again and modify it.

          Alternatively you may need to step back in history and re-mask.


          *Note - this needs "Double Click Layer Mask Launches Select and Mask workspace" to be checked in Preferences >Tools