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    Lightroom Classic Painfully Slow

    jsk09 Level 1

      It appears I’m not the only one experiencing extreme slowness with Lightroom Classic.  Since upgrading, LR has become painfully slow in import and export.  I’ve also noticed that when in the Develop module, there is a delay in response on the image when using the various sliders in all groups.


      I’m also getting a message stating that LR is causing a high CPU usage. I’m running LR on a Windows 10 pro machine with an Intel i7-6700K 4ghz processor, 2 M2 SSD drives, one as a scratch drive and 32 gb memory.


      I’ve never had such a slow response on earlier versions of LR CC or stand alone.  What’s up? 

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          its terrible and i called yesterday regarding more glitches, spot tool showing i'm choosing somewhere else no wheres near where i am selecting, zoom in and out is going way out or way in, no inbetween, and taking 8x longer to import and export- now i tried calling to get a screen share and it says mon-fri only- not good-

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            johnrellis Most Valuable Participant

            As an initial troubleshooting step, uncheck the option Preferences > Performance > Use Graphics Processor.

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              jsk09 Level 1

              Hi John,

              I have a Nvidea GTX 970 video card with 4gb VRAM.  Lightning fast with LR and PS CC up until the upgrade to LR Classic. Everything I've read says using the graphics processor should speed things up, especially with that card. I'll give it a try but it sure doesn't make sense that the GPU should slow down LR.



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                johnrellis Most Valuable Participant

                Adobe is changing the GPU support code in every release. It may not be the GPU causing your issues, but historically it is a frequent culprit.

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                  jsk09 Level 1

                  Thanks. I give it a try and see what happens.

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                    kentmcpherson Level 1

                    It is NOT the graphics processor for me. I have tried disabling (which makes no sense) and it makes no difference at all either way. The performance has gotten worse with the new release, not better. I’ve invested heavily in Lightroom and don’t have any intentions of switching at this point but Adobe has made mynuse of LR much less enjoyable than it has been in the past.

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                      johnrellis Most Valuable Participant

                      Adobe does indeed continue to have serious issues with performance for some users.


                      After disabling the GPU, the next troubleshooting step is to make sure your graphics driver is up-to-date. On Windows, visit the manufacturer's Web site directly, and on Mac, make sure you running the most recent version of MacOS: Adobe Lightroom GPU Troubleshooting and FAQ .


                      "disabling (which makes no sense)"


                      There are a number of reasons why disabling the GPU is the first troubleshooting step.  There are many, many buggy graphics drivers out there. Even on bug-free drivers, LR doesn't always run well.  On lower-resolution displays, the GPU can actually slow things down (due to inherent hardware issues).  And LR still has bugs in its use of the GPU.   See here for more details: http://www.lightroomqueen.com/lightroom-performance-debunking-myths/

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                        jsk09 Level 1

                        OK. After disabling the GPU accelerator, there was no change what so ever.  I'm still getting High CPU Usage messages about LR Classic which I never got before and with the machine I built, there should be no issue what-so-ever as far as processor or SSD drive speed.  This is completely an Adobe issue that needs to be addressed NOW. 


                        Is there a way to roll back to LR 6 CC???? and get rid of this upgrade/downgrade???

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                          FemFatPhoto Level 1

                          Ur right. It did nothing to help speed it up for me either. I custom built my machine and have had zero issues till this new updates new versions or whatever they r called came out.


                          Amanda Horner


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                            Jacques Voogt

                            LR Classic is frustratingly slow. It is taking longer and longer every day to do simple tasks like culling images or small adjustments.

                            In this industry, time is money. I can't charge my clients more, because my tools take so long to do their job.


                            We shoot raw, because it allows us to improve our quality. But his is costing us in time. I'm now shooting in JPG again because somehow Canon can adjust the raw file with sharpness, saturation, etc and export to jpg in a fraction of a second on a ARM based low power CPU while Adobe can't even render a single adjustment in less than a second on a high end PC.


                            Seriously considering other alternatives at the moment.

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                              sumanaac Level 1

                              Hello, I'm a MAC user and I decided to deactivate the use of the gpu processor and use smart previews and now it is faster, specially when using filters, brush mask and cropping, before I did this my lightroom was painfully slow, every time I tried to develop a picture and work with filters and brushes it would get stuck and have to wait for several minutes for it to react, now is better, is not perfect but it is way better.

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