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    what is the best way to export files of text from Photoshop to Muse to the web


      I am creating text in Photoshop. file size is 468 x 27px. Once i place this file in Muse it looks fine, not blurry. Then after i publish it to the web, its a little blurry and does not look crisp.


      Process to save file I used:

      Export > Export As> PNG. (transparency is checked, bicubic sharper, convert to sRGB is checked) 


      My question(s) what is the best way to maintain high quality (sharp, crisp and clear text) with documents saved in PS placed in Muse and uploaded to the web


      Should i start with a larger sized image and scale down?

      Should i be using illustrator or inDesign instead of PS? if so what is the best way to Export files to achieve high quality text on websites?


      Thanks in advance for any suggestions!