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    2017 - LR CC slower then ever - can we get and eta for an actual fix ?


      Could you possibly stop using your client base as beta testers too ?


      High end pc same issues as all the other LR version.


      Develop module slows down over time - and I think this CC version is the worst. No more then 10 images worth of exposure increase and then it take 4 seconds to switch between photos. It's faster to close down LR and do another 10 till it slows down again, rinse and repeat.


      My own testing shows it isnt the gfx - disable the gfx option and it does the same thing. It feel like a memory hole except memory usage is only at 6GB, cpu is doing next to nothing.


      I only have SSD drives in my system (5) i7 4970K, 1060 6GB, 16GB RAM - everything is setup as per adobe recommended specs blah blah.


      So please - we pay you guys enough money to have sorted this out already - please hire more programmers to get LR CC out of alpha state.