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    Beware of Zoomify and Flash CS3!


      Does anyone else have problems getting Zoomifyer for Flash to work in Flash CS3 on Mac OSX? Everytime I launch the Component Inspector in the Zoomify Viewer Component I get an alert saying: "Reference Error ZoomifyFileAPI is not defined". This is one of several JavaScript errors and alerts that frequently launch. I emailed support@zoomify.com but so far no reply.

      Am really annoyed for three reasons:

      1. Paid 129 USD for it
      2. It is for client work!
      3. Zoomify have as yet to respond
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          I have the same problem. (on Flash CS3 OS X) Bought it yesterday for a project. Expected to get documentation with the download. No response from support. I installed the component in Flash MX2004 and get this error : ZoomifyFileAPI.fileExists is not a function when opening the component inspector... At least I was able to enter paths and get a first etst going.

          Overall it looks buggy... and abandoned. Too bad. I like the samples I've seen and I think there is a lot of potential for development.

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            jeremy_steel Level 1
            Thanks for the comment makason. "buggy... and abandoned" is an apt description for "Zoomify for Flash" What is so infuriating with Zoomify is that they promote it so prominently on their site and make the claim that "Zoomifyer For Flash Includes:....Seamless Flash editing integration (MX2004 & up)". I just haven't found this to be true. On top of that, as you mention - no documentation with the download!