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    Photoshop using less ram than allocated to it




      Whenever I use PS, after it hits about 3200MB of memory usage I get "memory full" issues. This is even though I have 16GB of RAM, of which PS is set to use
      10 385MB (Set in the preferances window in PS). I´ve scoured all around my computer and I only seem to have one .exe file for PS, which is located in the Program Files folder, indicating that it is indeed the 64bit version, as far as I can see at least. I´ve had this issue with both CC 2017 and 2018.


      Does anyone know why this could be? I´ll be happy to provide more information as needed!

      Summary: I have...

      • 64 bit Windows 10
      • A total of 16GB of RAM available
      • PS set to use 10 385 MB of RAM
      • Tried to make sure I´m using 64 bit PS
      • Ran into memory issues once PS hits ~3200 MB of memory usage
      • Experienced the problem in both CC 2017 and 2018