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    Image not showing when opening from Bridge


      I just got a new HP Pavilion Touchscreen laptop (Windows 10), and I'm having issues with Bridge & Photoshop not working properly. At first, RAW files weren't showing in Camera RAW, so I updated the NVIDIA driver. That worked, but then the touchscreen was going back and forth with being unresponsive. And mostly, when I try to open a JPEG from Bridge, the thumbnail shows in the Photoshop layers palette, but the main image doesn't show at all. If I click on the image from a regular folder outside of Bridge and select "open in Photoshop", then it does work properly. If I deselect "Use Graphics Processor" in both Bridge and Photoshop, sometimes that works for me to be able to view my images in Photoshop, but sometimes it doesn't. If I restart the programs or restart the computer, sometimes things work, sometimes they don't. I even tried uninstalling & reinstalling Photoshop & Bridge, which worked temporarily but then it went back to not opening the images from Bridge again. Help!

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          D Fosse Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          Does this laptop have dual video adapters (NVidia + Intel HD)? This is known to cause unpredictable problems.


          In that case, try to disable the Intel driver, if possible per application, if not globally.

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            emilym8821984 Level 1

            Thank you for your reply! Sorry for the delayed response. I tried disabling the Intel driver, and unfortunately it didn't fix anything. I'm also having issues with "phantom clicks" any time I touch the screen, even accidentally (it looks like the screen is being touched repeatedly and randomly, over and over again for minutes at a time, basically disabling my computer). Searching online, it seems to be a common HP issue but I can't find any fixes for that either. I'm not sure if the problem is stemming from HP, Adobe, or both.