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    Draw was stuck in syncing mode & now I have lost hours of drawing data

    rogerm4467056 Level 1

      I had this issue last year, working on a project, Draw got stuck in a perpetual syncing mode, I nice lady called Sue from Adobe helped me to get out of this syncing issue by uninstalling the app and then reinstalling. I have tried the same this time, and even though a new save was stored in my assets in Creative Cloud, when I reinstalled the app, it has not brought in the very latest save of the project I was working on. The older save that is available is missing hours of save data. I though I would be able to re-import the newer save, as I can see it in my assets, both live through my adobe id on Adobe’s website & through the mobile app itself, however, I cannot seam to select or import the newer save into Draw.


      Sue - if you are reading this and able to offer help again, I would very much appreciate it.

      I am hoping you will be able to retrieve the newer saved data from my assets and help me import back into the Draw project. It is a commission for Xmas so I am really short on time and do not want to have to re-draw the data I have lost if I can get it back.


      On a separate note - it is a little disappointing that I have the same issue again with this syncing loop that I did last year. Is there some way to avoid this.


      Since the re-instal, I am on version 4.5 of Draw, using an IPad Pro with system 11.0.3


      Thanks to Sue and or anyone else who can help.


      Roger M