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    Deleting synced photos from Lightroom mobile is only removing them from collections on the desktop, not the catalog.

    benjaminm97204386 Level 1



      My questions is regarding permanently deleting images from Lightroom mobile (iOS) and the desktop. I have the option "delete" on my mobile application which prompts me to a note saying:



      But what really happens after I select delete is that the photo is only being removed/deleted from my mobile version of Lightroom. Also the photo is being removed from my desktop collection that is in synchronisation with the mobile version. However the image is still going to be on my hard drive and my catalog.


      It seems to be case that it is not even possible to delete images permanently through Lightroom mobile, right ? A copy will stay in my desktop catalog.


      Is there a way to identify the images that I have already deleted through the mobile version so that I can easily delete them from my desktop as well ?


      My workaround is to flag and/or give one star ratings to images that I want to delete so I can easily identify them on my desktop version and delete them once then.


      Is anybody having the same problems ?


      Thanks for your help.