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    importing from hard rive


      hi.  I store my lightroom library on an external drive.  I recently converted from aperture to lightroom and have an import question.  I have all of my presets correct to import photos from my camera, but I am having trouble importing from my computer desktop to my library.  on my hard drive I have my library set up chronologically in month folders in year folders and have my presets from camera set to import my month/year.  I added a photo to mu desktop from an email and want to import it into my library that is housed on an external drive.  Do I COPY the photo into the corresponding month/year folder on my hard rive and THEN import into lightroom?  And if so, do i choose "copy" or "add" on import choices?  What I did originally was copy this individual photo onto the hard drive as an individual photo.  when I went to import it, it didn't follow the import path I have set up from my camera.  It was fine as I moved it into the proper folder once it was in lightroom, but I have to import several and want to know the correct process. Please advise.