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    LR CC upload and connection trouble


      For about two days pics are not at all  - or only after periods of hours - uploaded from LR CC into the cloud. Connection is established. New Albums added on PC can be seen on LR CC Android version after a few minutes. LR CC on PC promts pictures "are synchronized" but there is no real upload taking place.


      On the other hand. Trying to import LR Catalog as PhotoGrid into Adobe Portfolio, Portfolio opens the LR importer, where  the catalog preview takes minutes to appear and no album selection will be handed over to Portfolio. Every now and then the LR importer - as a variation - even tells tells there are no albums at all, ever now and then there are Albums with prompted number of pic in, which Portfolio will refuse as empty albums.


      After all Im using 16 from 100 GB in Cloud space.


      Does anyone else face that kind of problem?