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    Breakpoints VS. Using Alternate Layout (Tablet/Phone)

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      I've created a website, but unfortunately it's becoming quite frustrating trying to make it work at smaller breakpoints. The site goes nuts. If I try and fix at a different breakpoint it completely changes it in my larger breakpoint. Sure hope there is an easy fix for this.


      I get the following error when I preview my desktop version of the site:


      Warning: Master has multiple layouts (Desktop, Tablet, Tablet) and also breakpoints on non desktop devices and these breakpoints won't be used. You may want to delete the overlapping alternate layout or the unreachable breakpoints on this page....


      I have no idea why it has two tablet version as they say above. Should I only work with breakpoints and delete the alternate layout Tablet?


      I've wasted so much time with something that I thought would be easy. Adobe certainly makes it look that way in the videos.


      Anyway if someone can look at my site below and offer some suggestions I would really appreciate it.


      Desktop version of site


      Tablet version of site