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    Lightroom CC deleted all photos


      My all photos was suddenly deleted from phone. I'm traveling and switched off sync option because of very slow and limited internet connection. I am very upset that 500 photos gone. All the pictures was in phone at the evening, but when I open app in the morning - catalog was empty!!! What I have done is restarted phone. All apps was closed at this moment. After restart Lightroom was logged out. I checked storage space on phone -there was some 20GB more free space. I cant find photos also through iTunes. And I am really angry that cannot contact support directly for such kind of software bug.

      Does anyone else experienced such problem and have any solution?

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          Rikk-Flohr Level 4

          Before you panic, make sure you have logged the phone app into the correct Adobe ID. If you are logged out or logged in with the wrong ID, you won't see your pictures.  If that is ok, then go to http://lightroom.adobe.com and log in with your subscribed Adobe ID.  Do you see the pictures there?

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            andrisz71396987 Level 1

            Thanks for reply. Account is correct, i have only one.

            All my photos are in cloud until moment when I switched off sync because of very limited internet (I am traveling in Asia). I have some 500 pics in trip, which was not synced.

            Also I am thinking... probably this is somehow connected with ios behavior. I changed SIM card for trip. In that day, when photos lost, ios sudenly asked to confirm new SIM card number as trusted phone number, which I ignore.