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    Windows in workspace not moving right CS 5


      I am still using CS5, about a week ago I started to notice that my windows wont move most of the time and when they do they only will move a little bit.

      when I try to move them they snap back to the spot they last stood. Once removed from the main Window snap, they will not snap back in. I use a mac.

      I looked for up dates and I am up to date. I just want to be able to freely move my active image window and tool bars around again.

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          JJMack Most Valuable Participant

          Adobe has not been supporting Photoshop CS5 for years you will not find new updates for CS 5.


          On the other hand Applet is changing their Operating Systems like Adobe has been updating Photoshop.  Apple stop supporting their old Operating Systems and machines your not going to see updates for OS7, OS 9.  or Apple OSX updated to support PowerPC systems.    CS5 may someday fail to run at all on OSX  have you made and update to your version OSX lately?  Apple IOS 11 no longer runs old IOS applications like Photoshop Touch.  The same thing may happen someday with OSX  where CS5 will no longer run at all....



          Try resetting your CS5 Preferences and tools. See it that fixes your issues.