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    Surface Pro (2017) and Lightroom CC / Feedback and Mouse Issues


      I recently picked up a new surface pro and the first thing I wanted to do was get Lightroom CC hooked up so I could edit synced collections from my central Lightroom Classic machine on the Surface Pro like I do on my iPhone from time to time.


      I'm wondering if I'm the only one running into this and almost finding the combo unusable, I can't be alone here.


      Biggest issue, terrible quality of anything other than Fit zoom on an image, anything more and it's like the image goes from full frame to potato phone.


      A few things bug me about lightroom CC on the surface:

      1. The healing brush just doesn't work at all and I'm not using a surface pen just the normal trackpad

      Wherever you first click on the image that's where the target stays and that is it it's done.

      2. The 1:1 viewing of a photo, even on home wifi after hours of sync time is just a blur. Yet small previews are tack sharp.

      3. When I am viewing a single image, if I double click somewhere in the photo I would imagine it would zoom in on the photo, but often it brings be back out to the grid view unexpectedly.

      4. On an iOS device, or even normal lightroom classic every action has a done button, or an ok or a check/X button so that you can confirm whatever you just did is satisfactory, Windows LR CC is missing this confirmation throughout.

      For example, something as simple as cropping an image, in Lightroom CC on windows you crop the photo and then the only way to get the crop to commit so you can see the final product is to click the crop menu button which ends up collpasing the panel, which is not intended because hey maybe I'm not done cropping or leveling.

      On iOS Lightroom CC makes this quite easy, you can crop and crop and crop then you done and you hit the check mark.


      Things I wish to see:

      I wish the Selective adjustments brush in LR CC had the quick defaults like Dodge/Burn/Sharpen that your get in normal LR Classic

      I wish Curves were one of the menu options under the Light Section

      I wish Lightroom CC could do Color ratings, instead of only flags and stars.

      I wish I could go full screen. The windows tool bar across the top takes up a ton of real-estate (this one I'm probably just missing the button for).