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    when clicking the browser "back arrow" a grey transparency appears (Adobe muse)


      Hey all!

      I am having a very strange problem.

      When I preview my website online and click on the pages everything works perfectly. Then, when I click the back arrow (on the top left of my browser) to go back to the home page, a weird grey transparency appears on the whole page, and the only thing I can do is click twice on the background to make it go away.

      Any bits of advice on how to fix this?

      I'll insert screenshots of the page, how it looks and how it should be

      The first image is how the home page should be, and the pink bits one of the pages I click on.

      Screenshot 2017-12-03 23.46.36.png

      Back from the page, my website looks like this:

      Screenshot 2017-12-03 23.47.12.jpg

      not sure why this happens, is it a bug?