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    Error Message & Missing Display on Start-up


      I resisted doing the latest update for Muse for months.  This past Friday I decided to give in (because heck, I pay $50+ a month, it should technically improve my experience by updating the programs right?) - and after updating one site (www.owlkeyme.com), I once again got the super annoying pop-up "Some files on the server may be missing or incorrect. Clear browser cache and try again. If the problem persists please contact website author." - which I had gotten last year at some point, and had spent hours in email, phone, and chats with Adobe and my hosting company to resolve.  After trying many different things (I cleaned the server, I cleared caches on my browser and host, I uploaded the site completely/anew, etc) eventually it went away in a few days.  I see this time around, there's a "known issue" page, and I attempted the workarounds listed - and 3 days later, still have the annoying pop-up message.  Of course during this, I lost a gallery lead because they were frustrated by the pop-up and didn't have time to deal with it - and this is the busy holiday season, so I am potentially losing orders.  Really sucks on so many levels. Are there any other suggestions that actually work?? I'm afraid to update any of my other websites.


      Also, before the update, Muse had stopped showing the icons for "recent projects" upon startup.  I figured this may be one of the things fixed - and I really liked that feature, hence why I did the update.  I thought perhaps something accidentally got switched off, but I'm not even sure where to look to get that to show up again.