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    Eye dropper tool on a new document


      I have recently upgraded my laptop and therefore downloaded the new version of Photoshop. I opened a new document and wanted to change the colour to one that matched a colour in an image I was using, but the eye dropper tool won't allow me to select from the image. I have been searching for solutions and these are the things I have checked..

      * 3D is NOT selected, I have essentials selected

      * The eye dropper tool is on "All Layers" not just the selected layer or current layer

      Just not sure what else to check. I even tried contacting adobe chat and that was useless. Looking for help please.

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          JJMack Most Valuable Participant

          What happen when you use the tool.  Do you get an error message.  Does the forground on background swatch not change or change to b/w. It the correct tool selected what is going on.


          Here I selected her lip color.



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            julieh56836755 Level 1

            Screenshot (2).png

            So I want to create a new document and select the colour from one of the images in the background, eg, the girl ion the pink top. Previously the eye dropper has come up when I have hit the custom colour changes, but now it is not. It just comes up as an arrow and then dings when I click on it because it wants me to select from the open boxes only.

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              davescm Adobe Community Professional


              The new "New document" dialogue doesn't give the eyedropper when selecting the color. I will report this as a bug, although it seems to be like that even in older versions - I just checked CC2018 and CC2017.


              There are two ways round this

              1. Go to preferences > General and check "Use Legacy "New Document" interface.

              That old style interface still allows the eyedropper.


              2. Use the eyedropper to set the background color before opening the new "New document" dialogue. Then from the drop down list select "Background color".



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