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    Prevention of Forwarding of Documents to be signed


      It has come to my notice that if I send a document for e-signature, the same can be forwarded to another id and signed from there, even in the audit trail and participation stamp it shows the first email id. This can be used for fraudulent signatures. Can you provide me with a solution to prevent this?

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          SimonESATS Adobe Employee

          You cannot prevent anyone from forwarding emails from their email inbox. Note that only the intended signer can do this forwarding, so while you may not get the intended signer signing, it's done with the full knowledge of the intended signer.


          However if the intended signer wants to delegate their signature, they can do so using the delegation link in the email. This will properly delegate the signing to someone else.


          otherwise you need to implement additional authentication, which can be a password, or phone authentication (Note these may require business or better account tiers)