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    Painting with Ipad + IPen and Photoshop Brushes




      I'm painting with Wacom & Photoshop on PC, and I wonder could I do the same with just IPad & IPen,

      my basic questions are:


      1) Is there full-functional Photoshop version for IPad? If no: is there another Adobe painting app for IPad which could let me paint with my favorite ABR brushes as well?


      2) If there IS full-functional Photoshop for Ipad and IPen painting (or annother ABR supported painting app), does it have comfortable perfomance for rea-ltime painting with complex brushes (textured & with rich settings) comparable with my stationary PC + Wacom?


      Thank you!

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          Theresa J Adobe Community Professional

          There is no fully functional Photoshop application for an iPad. Your best solution is Adobe Sketch. You can share brushes between Sketch and Photoshop, although I haven’t done it yet myself so I don’t know exactly what works and what doesn’t. You will need a paid Creative Cloud account to share brushes and work between Sketch and Photoshop. Brushes are shared between applications with Creative Cloud Libraries.

          If you don’t have, or don’t want a paid Creative Cloud application ProCreate is the best painting app solution for a tablet. ProCreate is not an Adobe application.

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            KShinabery212 Adobe Community Professional

            Yeah... iPad Pro is not that advanced yet.  It is still a simple tablet and not a computer.


            Now, an alternative would be to go for a Wacom Cintiq, Intuos or MobileStudio Pro. 


            A Wacom Cintiq Companion and Wacom MobileStudio Pro are full computers where you can draw directly on the screen.


            You can also go for a normal Cintiq and plug it into your computer and draw directly on the screen.... or use an Intuos and draw on the tablet while looking at the screen.


            Those are the best options for artists wanting to draw on the screen directly.  Apple has not really come out with a real solution as of yet.  Maybe in a couple of years.  Microsoft and Dell have produced their own devices.  But in comparison to Wacom products they do not compare.


            In fact, when I got my Wacom Cintiq Companion 2... I stopped using all Apple products all together.  Because for me now... with Apple you are just paying for the Apple name.  PCs are so much more affordable and you can upgrade them.  So I would look into Wacom products.

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