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    Photoshop Library sharing

    amandac68160464 Level 1

      Hi, i've done a little bit of research and can't seem to find the answers to the questions I have, or I'm not searching for the right terms.


      I want to create a shareable library with a few people, I would like them to be able to drag elements and smart objects from the library to their photoshop documents, and be able to edit them but for the edit to not affect the element stored in the library.  Is there anyway of doing this? I've seen that there is a view and comment restriction, but it's very vague the limitations of what this is and what they are.


      Any help greatly appreciated!

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          BarbBinder Adobe Community Professional

          You want them to be able to use the asset from the library, but not maintain a link back to the library asset?


          Dragging from a library places the asset in your Photoshop document, and the layer thumbnail displays a cloud icon indicating that the layer is linked to a library asset. Hold the Alt (on a Mac: Opt) while dragging to place a copy that isn't linked.



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            cmgap Adobe Community Professional

            If you are referring to a graphic element that is dragged in as a smart object, the collaborator can rasterize the object, make changes and drag a second edited version to the library. The original will remain unchanged.