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    Problems running IDS CC2017 on Window Server 10

    Charles Parrington Level 1

      Hi All


      OS Windows 2012 RS 2 with latest updates.

      Wonder if anyone can suggest the solution. We have installed IDS CC2015 on the server and is running as expected. We now need to install CC2017 on the same machine to replace CC2015.

      So we downloaded the installed CC2017 and then ran the installer, As Administrator, and installation appeared to be run and competed correctly. Then we we pathed to the Indesign server executable (/program files/adobe/adobe indesign cc server 2017) and ran the indesignserver.exe. Normally we would get a licensing error message but this time we get a pop up windows staying IndesignServer.com - Entry Point not found?

      So then we also tried to install the IDS Service using indesignserverservice - k install but get another error message


      The C++ module failed to load during appdomain initialization.

      ---> System.DllNotFoundException: Unable to load DLL 'MSVCP140.dll': The specif

      ied procedure could not be found.


      So IDS CC2015 running fine, but IDS CC2017 does not?


      Suggestions most welcome