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    Handling large document using books with Indesign Server CC2015

    Charles Parrington Level 1

      Hi There


      We have had a problem when trying to paginate large document using Indesign Server CC2015. The largest book thus far exceeds 16000 pages. The process is setup as follows.

      We receive an XML file and ingest this into IDS which has an additional plugin called Easy Catalog, great tool when working with XML. In the past we would create a single document but because of the limitations of Indesign document size, we could only create documents less that 9999 pages. If anyone has done this they also know how slow this process becomes the larger the documents gets. So to get around these limitation we have to split these large documents into smaller documents, place these documents into a book and this get around the limit, also improves performance. We are not aware of any Book limitations? This we are able to do and this part of the process is running.


      But the process is a bit more complex.


      Once the Book has been assembled we need to run a script that will count a specified number of pages in the book, in our case 127, then insert what amounts to a back cover for the first 128 page section, into the documents in the book, then also add a cover for the next 127 pages. What I did not provide earlier was that we have a front cover and TOC etc all in the first section. Once these additional pages are inserted we run a script to update TOC, this is working. We do not need to split the book up when printing to PDF form IDS as the press picks up the 128 page sections in the PDF.


      So is it possible to count pages in a Book to perform this operation? Would be grateful for any advise in this regard.