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    Ideas sharing and Co-operation with Adobe?



      I'm professional graphics engineer and artist.

      I'm working on improved commercial brush collection for photoshop.

      Today I have big, very improved, well arranged 2018 collection of brushes for Photoshop.

      Really great product which should have promotion for wider audiences.


      I know that few times ago photoshop had bought brushes from one of our old brush creator & competitor.


      I would like to discuss an issue about official combining of power of our Professional brush collection

      with Adobe Photoshop.

      Today Adobe have some strong competitors in a market digital painting,

      my collections could add additional weight to Adobe product in this competition.

      Mutual iterests are here: I need just official Adobe' promotion, since my product powers-up Photoshop itself,

      and Adobe could get a jump in competitions with a years of my professional expierience product.


      Anybody could help with it?

      Any direct contatcs?


      Awaiting answer from Adobe.

      Thank you.

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          KShinabery212 Adobe Community Professional

          This is why I use LinkedIn.


          Ok... so you want to get noticed by Adobe.  My first step would be to go on LinkedIn and then search for people working for Adobe in your country.  Determine which ones you think would or could be good contacts.  Then simply send them a nice short email about what you are doing and what you would like to accomplish.


          The person (like any other person on LinkedIn in any industry) will either respond or not.  If they do not respond move to the next person.  Just do not be pushy always be friendly.


          This technique has worked great for me with several companies.  But make sure you have an idea what department the person should be working in.  Example, emailing someone from accounting probably will not get you far when it comes to this situation. 


          I actually have spoken at conferences about this type of thing here in Europe.  So trust me... LinkedIn is a great place to make connections with the higher ups at the companies you want to engage, including Adobe.  Just do not spam a million people all at once.  Pick three or four and message them. 


          Also realize they may or may not get back to you right away.

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            RomanMelentyev Level 1

            Thank You for this link, Derek!