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    Mac Projectors not working at all

      Hey all,

      This issue is very frustratring... I am simply trying to publish a Macintosh projector from a PC running Flash CS3. It creates an app folder fine, but when I drag it over to any of the several Macs in our office it doesnt run. I also tried to publish from another PC with Flash installed and got the same results.

      The weird thing is that nothing happens at all when launched, no error messages, nothing. However the icons in the dock do slide over for a split second, as if to make room for the projector icon, but then snap back in place.

      Our copies of Flash are fully updated and there is nothing complicated in the SWF - just text. Any ideas?

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          RossRitchey Level 4
          I have never had any success publishing a Mac Projector from Flash on a PC - in any version of Flash. I believe there are issues publishing a PC Projector while on a Mac as well. I just publish the Mac Projector while on a Mac, and the PC projector while on a PC.
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            Rothrock Level 5
            Never had a problem going from a Mac to a PC, but I have seen folks here who regularily have problems going from PC to Mac. I can't quite remember what the answer is -- do a search in these forums because I think I have seen an answer.

            If I remember correctly (and that is a big IF), maybe zipping the Mac projector and then brining it over?
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              foxteeth Level 1
              Thanks for the reply guys. I think I figured it out. I published the file from my PC, put it on a USB drive, and transferred it that way. And it worked! For some reason, using our file server as the transfer medium must have corrupted the file somehow. I haven't tried zipping yet, but that is a good idea, I'll give it a shot.